Sunday, August 2, 2009

Will It Be Melissa or Jeffrey?

Tonight is the season finale for "The Next Foodnetwork Star". It has come down to Melissa and Jeffrey. I think they are both fantastic cooks and they both have great screen presence. I must say I am pulling for Melissa. She is not a formally trained chef, but rather a busy Mom and home cook. You would never know it by the challenges she has faced on the show. Her dishes and presentations are just spectacular. She has a wonderful down-to-earth quality about her and I think a lot of home cooks (like myself) can really relate to her straightforward approach to making healthy and delicious meals for their friends and family.
If you haven't watched the show, check out the finale tonight. For more details click here. I have learned a lot watching this show this season. The challenges were all very creative and showcased the talents of these wonderful cooks.
Also on tonight is the "HGTV Next Design Star" (another show I really enjoy).Tonight on HGTV you will be able to see the contestants each decorate a white wall room--should be fun!
Have a great Summer Sunday!

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