Saturday, August 22, 2009

Going To Get The Mail....

Our mailbox is located about a mile down the hill. We have been trying to walk to the mailbox rather than drive whenever possible. This morning we slept in (only a few more days until school starts). When we got up we were pleased to find it was a bit cooler than yesterday. Jackson rode his bike and I walked Bella to the mailbox. I decided to bring my camera and show you some sights from our house to the mailbox and back. Hope you enjoy it...

There are only five houses in our neighborhood. This is the first house to be completed here. You can see the beautiful landscaping they have done over this last year. Lots of trees and rock walls have been added. It looks great!

This is our next door neighbor. A young couple is building this home. They have had the exterior completed for quite awhile and now they are working on the interior. They plan to move in this winter.

I love the architecture of this house. The stonework and shutters along with the copper accents make this a very special home. I have the pleasure of seeing this home out my kitchen window as I'm cooking or doing dishes. So very European! The house has a portico and a seven car garage .

This home belongs to a wonderful family. Our kids play with their kids. We never dreamed we would have kids the same age as ours when we moved out here to the country. Their house is absolutely gorgeous inside with traditional elegance everywhere you look and a kitchen to die for...

They also have a wonderful view of the Blue Mountains.

A little farmhouse and barn that we see along the way...

A little hug for Bella when they take a little rest at the mailbox..

The walk back is a good one with a slight upgrade right before we get to our driveway. Here is a view of our house and cottage as we walk up the hill..

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

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