Friday, August 28, 2009

Is It Fall Yet????

Well...September is only a few days away.....My favorite month.'s my birthday month and I have such wonderful memories of going back to school in September AND where I grew up in the San Francsco Bay Area, September was often our warmest and nicest weather. So there you go. I love September...I love fall...I love Halloween...Thanksgiving and sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie...all of it!
I'm realizing today that I've been kinda chatty this month. I have done more posts this month than any month since I started this blog. I guess I had a lot to say. Imagine how much I will have to say in the winter months when I'm not in the garden a lot of the time...OH BOY!
Well...I guess I'm just kind of wishing I would pick up a few more followers to my blog...a few more comments....that would be wonderful. So...if you're out there and on the fence about follwing me...take the plumge! I'd love to have you here. I have found this blogging experience to be very therapeutic...kind of like scrapbooking. We take the time to affirm the positive things in our life. YES, there are a lot of positive things. I mean, I have my share of ups and downs, BELIEVE ME...but I prefer to spend more time focusing on the good and positive. So here I what I preach...the glass is half full...ALWAYS.
Enough of all that stuff....I decided it was time to bring some fall into my china cabinet ...what do you think? I was feeling the browns and off-whites. I'm thinking I should fill the bins on top with walnuts in the shell. I don't like walnuts too much, but think the color and texture of those cute shells would look good. Where can I find those? Diane...aren't there walnut orchards there in the central valley?

I was feeling a little "branchy" here... Picked up these branches at my favorite little decor store here in Walla Walla --Real Deals? Have you heard of them? Incredible values on fun home decor "look for less" stuff. I also got the garden sign, little clock, calendar block and canisters there...incredible values. You gotta come to Walla Walla and visit Real Deals...really! Diane..I know you will be here soon for shopping again and I can't wait! Mom...I'm hoping you will just show up here at the cottage in September (maybe for my birthday?) and we can go to Real Deals together...whatdayathink? : )

Let fall begin....let the leaves start turning....let's wear sweatshirts and coats...I think I'm ready.


  1. AMEN SISTER to that whole Fall thing! I'll be on the hunt today for your walnuts. There has to be some place around here, and they are small enough not to take up much room in the truck for the next month until October and vacation time. As far as the getting comments on your blog? As it was once said "write it and they will come" LOL Hang in there, it takes awhile to build up a following.

  2. Whoa !!!!! You are chatty and so upbeat and positive. I guess thats one of the many reasons I love you so much. The fall colors look great they would look great in my living room....You just never know when I might show up on your door step. And by the way, are you a professional florist???????

  3. You have a lovely blog and I am happy to follow it.
    Thank you for visiting me and leaving a nice comment.


  4. I've been enjoying following your blog. I love what you've done with your new house and have always thought your guest house is so charming! Love the new accents you picked up at Real Deals. I think we have one here in GA too. I've been with my mom and sister once. If it's the same store, I know what you mean about how great it is! Keep up the great posts. I read you daily.

  5. Hi Kelly! How exciting to have a reader in Georgia! So glad you like the guest is a really special place for our friends and family to stay when they visit. I think Real Deals was actually started in the is such a great store for us amateur designers that don't have an unlimited budget, but great style. So happy to know you are out there!


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