Monday, August 31, 2009

Life Is Short, Eat Dessert First

You start with something incredibly healthy like this......

I have always been interested in the ways that companies market their products...I guess because I have always been a pretty good retail consumer. Well....a few years ago the Williams-Sonoma people decided to mix in some pretty awesome recipes amongst their fabulous kitchen toys. This was really brilliant!!! It made each of the gadgets and doo-dads that much more interesting and appeal ling to the buyer.

Next to the food processor for $289 is a well-plated delicious meal that was prepared with it...WOW! What a concept! Recently, they featured famous restaurant chef from around the country. All the recipes look wonderful. So....I went to their website and printed them all out for my ever growing recipe folder.

Yesterday at our local Farmer's Market I found some perfect peaches. They made me think of the peach shortcake recipe I had printed out a week or so before. So....when we got home I pulled ou the recipe and decided to give it a try. You make the shortcakes from scratch...OF COURSE! and then you make this incredible caramel sauce......

The shortcakes are easy to make and you cut them out with a 3 inch biscuit cutter. The caramel sauce was a little tricky to make--I had never made anything life this before. But, I have to tell you--it all came out fabulous. it is!!!! Everyone loved it....even my sometimes picky-eater kids! What a gorgeous dessert...can't wait to make it for company (not that my family isn't's just that I like to try most things out on them first)...

Yes, that is real whipped cream on there....I never said it was figure-friendly! We did have poached salmon and a healthy home-grown salad for the main course.....I know...I ordering a Diet Coke with fries! It's not a dessert you can eat often, but definitely a special one for a special dinner or a great bowl of fresh peaches....yum! I think it was a great way to celebrate an "ordinary" Sunday night dinner at the end of summer...don't you?

I know you're going to want the recipe and also take a look around the Williams-Sonoma wonderful just click on the link for the shortcake here.

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