Monday, January 30, 2012

Grab A Fork and Check Out This Makeover


We picked up this pretty cute table last year.  I t sat in the store for months and months and didn’t sell. 

Well…maybe it was just a little TOO ROUGH.  The top was splitting and it needed some love.  At first I tried to work with what I had, but, alas it just had to be repalced.
Once the new top was in place, it’s charms were able to really show through.  Nice size, nice shape, great little drawer.
So…I decided to go Provence Blue with it (because I had that on hand).  A new handle really helped achieve the look I was going for.

How about a little whimsy?  That’s almost ALWAYS good in my book.
So I added the silverware details on the drawer. 

Lined the drawer with some nice soft brown textured fabric..
I didn’t take a photo of it, but though back of this drawer had a secret compartment.  It would be a great place to hide a little mad money….Fun…right?
I added a couple fun yard sale chairs that were super well made and sporting that colonial home maple finish.  I painted them Old White and added the form and spoon details to both the front an d back of the chairs.
Now…let me apologize for my far and few between posts lately.  I’ve been really BUSY keeping up with my Etsy shop (always a good thing). 
I am always amazed by those woman out there (you know who you are) who manage to post just about every day, no matter what.  I have fallen short on that lately and hope to improve in that area.
Heck….we can only do so much, right?  But aren’t you just AMAZED at some of these SuperWomen???

Glad I had a moment to check in with you all today.  My furniture inventory is getting really LOW.  In fact, we could probably park TWO cards in our three car garage now…Wow!
I’m ready for yard sales to start up again.
Thanks for checking in with me and hanging with Starview Sonnet, even though the posts are slow in coming.
I appreciate it more than you could know!
Have a wonderful evening.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It’s A Good Sign…

The new year has arrived with a splash….
I was contacted by a boutique owner who wants to include 12, yes TWELVE of my dress forms in her newly renovated historical building.
She will be featuring vintage couture bridal wear and event planning services.

THE, I was contacted by a magazine editor just this morning.  She wants to feature one of my forms in a photo shoot for her magazine and advertise the shop.
Can you say WOW? 
2012 is off to a great start. 
I had fun making these fun signs to add some color and pizazz to my space.
EVERY little this “IS” gonna be alright.
I AM holding the pen as I continue to write the story of my lif…

I believe life is truly an adventure. 
Follow your dreams and have fun while you are doing it.
So glad you stopped in today.
See you soon!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Planning Projects For A New Year


What projects are you planning for 2012?

We all have our plans. Some we get done AND some we don’t.

My daughter will turn 13 this year…yikes! Well…she want to re-do her room already (after less than 3 years…sigh).

She wants it more “modern”. She says she doesn’t share my affinity for the shabby, chippy, old, vintage stuff.

Ok….I can appreciate that.

BUT, this is my house and I need to be ok with the changes. First off, she wants to go from her two twin beds to a queen size.

She has taken up a love affair with music, old and new.

She received a very special Christmas gift this year. Her uncle (my brother) gave her this very vintage Beatles mirror that he has had since he was a teenager.

Perfect! She wants to do her room in black and white and have some of her favorite black and white posters.


I made this sign for her and wrapped it up and put it under the tree…




Yesterday I had a minute to sit down and open up my new Cratge and Barrel catalog and found this fabulous bedding…

Guess what?

I showed it to her when she got home from school and she absolutely LOVED IT!

Yeah. Bedding is huge and we have come to a mutual decision.


I am in search of an old chipping fireplace mantel to use as a headboard.

I want to upholster the opening and tuft it with cool buttons (preferably vintage).

I posted a “WANTED” on craigslist this morning. Hopefully one will turn up.

This will be a fun project to work on and I know she will be happy when it’s done.

So….I guess we will say goodbye to her sweet brown/blue/cream Paris themed room….



Thanks goodness we will still have the pictures.

I’ll be sure to share the progress as we move along on this project.

What do you have on your list for this new year?

Have a fabulous weekend and I’m so glad you stopped in.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Trying To Keep All The Balls In The Air


Hello everyone!

I haven’t posted since before Christmas. It’s been a busy time around here. I’m juggling as fast as I can right now.

We had a wonderful Christmas with our oldest and his girlfriend here for Christmas. Then we had a great visit with my husband’s childhood friend and his delightful girlfriend.

We went to Hood River OR a few days before Christmas and this photo above was taken in front of the most beautiful REAL Christmas tree in the restaurant where we had a yummy dinner.

2012 is here whether I am ready or not…

I did get to the store to bring a few more pieces and just plan freshen up the space and remove any holiday items that were remaining.

I’m loving this super rustic work table that I modified to a rolling cart/island.

Here’s how it started out. Funny side note: When I asked the guy running the estate sale how much the table was, he didn’t think anyone would want it, but sold it to me anyway…

Go figure : )

004This is what it looks like now. I covered up the hold in the front with a piece of trim and then added a wooden towel bar to the side for fun and functionality.

I also added some nice caster wheels to make it easy to move around.



Here’s a little table/desk I finished and brought in.


A gorgeous old dining table that I updated by painting the detailed base and apron in ASCP Old White.


and here’s a piece of local subway art that I did featuring historic streets in my town. The first one I did before Christmas flew out the door in a day or two..


Yep, 2012 is off to a busy start and my head is buzzing with all the projects I can complete this year. I’m lucky to have my Dad with me here for a few weeks to run around with me and deliver furniture.

He even brought some treasures from home.

I guess collecting treasures runs in the family.

It’s feels good to be back here posting and I look forward to a great year of learning, growing and creating.

I hope your off to a great start.

Welcome 2012!