Wednesday, March 30, 2011

When A Box Isn’t Just A Box


We found this box at our local church sale. It is a very old wood tool boc.

But we thought it would make a great coffee table.


So here’s what we did with it.

We covered it with small pieces of brown paper and Mod Podged it on.

The we came over with a nice Espresso Brown paint glaze.

We also added some great caster wheels we picked up at a yard sale.


Then we added this great nailhead trim tht we found. You only have to pound in every five nails and it’s much easier to use than single nails (warning: wear gloves when doing this-Diane had all kinds of cuts on her fingers after doing this).

BUT, isn’t this added detail really fabulous???

What makes this piece even better?

All the storage inside for books, magazines, remotes, and even a war blanket to cozy up with.




We painted the inside a nice green and added the same glaze to give it a time worn look.

Oh…and those great leather and wood chairs?

We found those at a yard sale last week. After doing some research on the company, we have estimated that they are close to 100 years old and sturdy enough to go another 100.

Don’t they look great with this coffee table?

All they needed was a little clean up.

Love it!


Hope this finds you having a great week and completing your own project list.

We are having lots of rain and grey days here in Easter Washington.

Is it spring yet?

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Scribble No More



We picked up these two benches that had met

with a Sharpie.

Other than that—they were two great

pieces with function galore (the lids lift

for storage).

Some sanding, some steel wheel, a couple

coats of primer and creamy paint

and now look at them!


Don’t pass up pieces like these. Just give them

a little love and you won’t be sorry.

Don’t you just love this whole re-purpsoing of

furniture thing?

It’s green.

It’s rewarding.


It’s fun!


A 60’s Hi-Fi Cabinet Makeover


This is, by far, the biggest

furniture makeover we have done


We took this old 60’d stereo

cabinet we found at a church sale

and revamped it to a versatile

piece for today’s living.

The slots that used to hold record

albums now hold dishes.



Let me tell you this—this piece did

require a major husband

intervention. Diane’s husband Craig

spent many hours re-configuring the

piece and trimming it out with

beadboard, crown molding and

edge trim.

We also added caster wheels to

make this piece super versatile.



It is finished on the back with beadboard also,

which makes this piece a great “island”.

We painted the inside one of favorite shades of

blue and the outside is Sherwin

Williams Creamy.

We love the way it turned out and are most

thankful for Craig’s carpentry work.

It’s now got a price tag on it and ready

for purchase at the consignment space.

I’m not sure if we’d take on a project quite this

extensive anytime soon, but we are definitely

happy with the final outcome.

Where would you use a piece like this?

Wouldn’t it be great for entertaining?

We’ve started searching yard sales for caster

wheels. This is the third piece of furniture

that we’ve added wheels to.

This was definitely a “think outside the box”


Hope you are preparing to have a great spring



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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pillow Talk


Look what arrived in my mail


Pillows from the Ticking and Toile

Linen Shop.

Just look how beautiful they were

packaged. They were wrapped

up so pretty and she included a

sweet key and a lavender sachet

that made it all a total treat for

the senses.



Here’s a couple large burlap ones

for my hallway bed bench.

Don’t they look great there?



Here’s a ruffly one for the living

room sofa.


and another one for my vintage

sofa in my master bedroom.

I’m loving these!

If you aren’t familiar with

Ticking and Toile, you just HAAVE

to go visit Shellagh here. Her linens

are heavenly and her blog is so

inspirational, especially to a non-

sewing girl like me.

I’m constantly amazed by the things

she creates.

Thanks so much my dear bloggie


I love them!



Monday, March 21, 2011

A Candlestick, A Plate And A Glass Dome


This is certainly not a new idea and

it’s been around the blogs for


BUT, we finally tried it out.

We found a couple glass domes with

cheese plates at a local thrift store.

The set of six great enamelware

plates we ran across next were a

huge bonus. The

candlesticks were at the

consignment store.

Put them all together with some epoxy and you’ve

got such a great stand.



Yard sales are gearing up again

here in our town and we had

some great luck on Friday.

Don’t pass on these great cheese


They would make a great addition

to your Spring table.


Happy Hunting!