Thursday, August 30, 2012

La Dolce Vita

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Wow…I can’t believe summer is drawing to an end.  It’s been a super busy summer for me.  I feel like I’ve barely taken a moment to stop and enjoy all summer has to offer.
We did make it to the kick-off concert at our fair.  Rodney Atkins and Casey James were so GOOD!
I wanted to share a few fun pieces with you.
I neglected to snap that pesky “BEFORE” photo on this baby.  This was one of those pieces that had barely made it out of the van and was being prepped for painting.,
Just love the Eiffel Tower detail on this small chest that could also be a great side table.
003 (1024x747)

004 (1024x757)
How about this DARLING hot pink child's rocker?  Couldn’t resist picking this up and I love the POP of color it brings in to the space.

011 (713x1024)
Remember this darling little hutch?

043 (1024x1024)
I was feeling some washed out shades of blue and green. 
I think this small scale cabinet would work in so many place.

005 (764x1024)

012 (1024x753)
Well…glad you didn’t give up on me.  I know my posts have been infrequent. 
I’m hoping for a routine when the kids are back in school on Tuesday.
Enjoy the last wonderful days of summer.

016 (753x1024)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Who Doesn’t Love Receiving A Gift?

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Hi There!
Hope you are having a great weekend.
Just wanted to share my dress form packaging with you today.
I really want the packaging for my dress forms to WOW my customers.
I wrap them in vintage sewing pattern paper.  I always tie them up with pretty ribbon.
I like to create a special “name tag” for ach of my girls.

I include instructions on how to assemble the form and stand along with a personal note.
I also love to tuck in a bouquet of lavender from my garden.

011 (1024x1024)
012 (1024x1024)
016 (1024x1024)
025 (1024x1024)
029 (1024x1024)
030 (1024x1024)
031 (1024x1024)
I believe the wrapping should be just as beautiful as the gift.
I don’t think my customers are disappointed.
Here’s to all things that are beautiful and make us smile.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sometimes You Just Get Lucky

043 (1024x1024)
I love to go to yard and estate sales.
But I have to admit, it can be very frustrating.
Some days you just drive for miles and miles and come up with NOTHING. 
I always think about everything else I could have been doing at home rather than looking for addresses and finding nothing but the JUNK that you don’t want : )
Well…last weekend we had one of those lucky days.
All of these furniture pieces came from one place1
005 (1024x1024)
The nicest woman just wanted “to get rid of it all”.
Well….guess what?


better yet, she offered to have her son follow us home so we didn’t have to make two trips.
It doesn’t get much better than this.
My faith is completely restored in the
Passion Of Yard Saling : )

001 (1024x1024)002 (1024x1024)003 (1024x1024)004 (1024x1024)
The first piece pictured is already in the “transformation booth” and ideas are running around my mind for the others.
Now this is what I call FUN.
Sorry I’ve been MIA for this last month
.  Summers just seem so busy with a wedding, summer camp, mini vacations, flag football, and just plain trying to stay cool in the almost 100 degree weather here every day heat.
I’ll keep you posted on the makeovers for this great haul.
So glad you checked back in after my long absence. 
It’s good to be back.