Friday, July 30, 2010

A Little Something For The Cottage

I had this space in our cottage between the window and the refrigerator that needed something...but what????

I had originally tried a simple clock there, but the pull out cabinet interfered with it

While in the Country Store the other day with Vesna I found this great old wood plaque. I just fell in love with the shape and size of it

The photos don't quite do it justice, but the colors are just perfect--soft and muted. The scene is a European one, probably from Spain or Portugal.

It's sweet and romantic.

Don't you love when you find something just right and you weren't even sure what you were looking for?

Here's a peek around the cottage living room.

Hope this Friday finds you well and enjoying the last part of the summer...

Until next time...


Monday, July 26, 2010

Some Things Are Just Worth The Wait

I bought this vintage sofa almost a year ago for just $100.00.

Several months later I purchased the fabric for it from Ballard Designs (it's called light cheetah and no longer available).

Here's what it looked like "before" last August.

Just a few weeks ago I called a recommended local upholsterer. I had saved up enough money to have t redone!

It provides the pefect sitting area in our master.. The simple and glamorous lines of the piece are just what I was after here.

The small round table was a Farm Chicks find in June, the little white side table is one that I have had for over 20 years and the mirror actually came with the dresser that we use under our wall-mounted television.

I wanted to accent the wall with a few unique pieces.

The piece above the lamp is actually a very old ceiling light fixtlure that I picked up at a yard sale for $10.00. I painted it white, added a little glaze with some gold mica in it and mounted it to a 12 inch by 12 inch canvas that I had covered with vintage sheet music and a copper metallic glaze tecnnique.

This is a favorite place in our home. This sofa really acts as a chaise for me. I can lean against the back of the arm to watch television and curl up with a soft throw, or I can sit on the window side with the light streaming in to read.

The space above the mirror needed something since the ceilings were quite high.

Inspired by a box of vintage maps that I picked up at auction last weekend, I decided to cover three 16 inch x 20 inch canvases with the maps and a gel medium.

I decided that "sanctuary" was the best way to describe this corner of my home that brings me the much needed down time I need at the end of my busy days.

I used Lazertran paper for the letters and the art. I decided on a few butterfly pieces since sanctuary and butterflies just seem to go together.

I applied a light copper glaze to the canvases. When that dried I came over it with a gold mica glaze that gives the canvases a dreamy feel with just a bit of bling.

It took me awhile to budget in the upholstery costs for this great old piece, but the results are fabulous. A new life for a classic sofa with a past. This corner of my house is "just right" for me.

Yes, some things are just worth the wait.

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The butterfly images are from her never ending fabulous collection of graphics! This is where you can ALWAYS find inspiration for our ideas and projects.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

For The Love Of Found Objects

I found this apple picking basket from Wenatchee, WA at fan auction last week. I just had to have it.

I guess this is what I had in mind when I first saw it.

A wonderful flower arrangement with big red apples spilling out the sides.

Isn't this FUN????

It is sitting in the entry way of our house. AND, it just so happens to be sitting on top of a lovely pecan dresser that I found with my friend Vesna the last time she was here.

Well....she is flying in tomorrow morning for a few days.

I can't wait to see her. This dresser will always remind me of her and our visit last spring

One of my favorite things about this basket is the braided leather strap. It is just so totally worn and used and functional. It gives this utilitarian item so much charm.

Now THIS is the kind of stuff that can really put a smile on my face. I get so much pleasure from treasures like this.

Something different, something beautiful, something that evokes a really good memory of your life.

Aren't these symbols really our "icons"? They represent just who we are and what makes us happy as we strive to make a comfortable, organized, and Memorable home for our families.

Side note: My younger kids (9 and 11) might still thik I'm a bit "strange" with my obsession for things like this, but my oldest son Logan really seems to "get it" now.

During his visit last week, he walked through the house and said "Mom...your house is just SO COZY!".
Now that's the compliment we all want to hear, especially from our loved ones.


Friday, July 23, 2010

A Quick Kitchen Area Update

We don't really need window coverings for privacy or light control on most of our windows.

This kitchen window has been bare for over a year since we moved in to the house. I really felt it needed something to finish it off a bit. I would have loved to get a custom woven shade, but that's just not in the budget right now.

So....I ordered these great off-white panels from (love their home items at great prices). Each panel was only $19.99 and I had a free shipping coupon...can't beat that!

I decided they needed a little something something...So, I took some 4 inch wired burlap ribbon I had on hand for a bottom trim.

I used fabric transfer to add a knife, spoon and form image horizontally to the ribbons. I put the ribbon 14" above the bottom hem.

It just makes the panels a little more "me".

Another look for less...gotta love that.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Too Busy To Blog

My son Logan has been here for the last 5 days. It is so good to have him here.

I've barely had time to get on the computer, but wanted to do a quick entry this morning.

We did go to an auction on Saturday and picked up a few treasures.

This is my favorite find. It's an old apple picking bucket from Wenatchee, WA.

I loved the look of it and the braided leather strap. I think it will great with a wonderful flower arrangement (I'll add it to the list).

I also found this great bottle that I couldn't pass up.

I'll be busy the next few days listing some of the other things we picked up on ebay.

Logan will fly out to San Francisco this evening.

I am off to enjoy this last day with him.

Hope you are well and I look forward to catching up with all my favorite bloggers this week.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Fabulous Francesca

I just completed a custom dress form order today.

Isn't she fabulous?

My customer chose the images, wanted the copper glaze and the top of the dress was left a solid off-white color She plans to use t her to display the beautiful jewelry she sells (

How much fun she was to work on....I put one of my favorite Cookie Lee necklaces on her...Gorgeous!

I hope to get more custom orders soon...the possibilities are endless.

I hope my customer is happy with her...