Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Our 2013 Cottage On The Hill Autumn Sale

COTH &Bridal 003  
COTH &Bridal 009

Here are some photos from our 2013 sale.
Our weather wasn’t so good.  We had lots of wind and our share of rain.
But we still had a great turn out and some fabulous vendors.
We will be back next year during the last weekend of September 2014. 
Thanks to all of you that came out this year.
A special thank you to my special friend who helped make the weekend a success-
COTH &Bridal 010
COTH Friday 033
COTH Friday 006
COTH Friday 010
COTH Friday 013''j
 COTH Friday 017
 COTH Friday 019
 COTH Friday 021
 COTH Friday 023
COTH Friday 026
COTH Friday 056
So glad you stopped by.