Monday, November 28, 2011

Mini White Birch Grove


Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

Now it’s down to the serious business of decorating for Christmas.

Here’s my first project for the season. I’m hosting a table at a Tea Party at church Friday night. I created these mini birch trees for favors and centerpiece for the table.



The table will be done in red and white and we are using polka dot plates (oh how I love polka dots).

The trees are pretty simple to make.

Start with some wood dowels. I cut my 4 foot dowels into 3 trees.

Then drill hole in the dowels to insert your brances.

Then I painted the dowels off white and added some bark “detail” with a brown marker (I referred to photos of white birch trees online).

Then insert your pipe cleaners through the holes. I used the kind of sparkly iridescent ones. I started with lengths about 11” and went shorter as I worked my way up the trees.

I used silver and red beads for ornaments. Just slide them on. I found some that were a little less expensive in the kid’s craft area.

You can use all different kinds of bases. I found these ceramic boxes at the Dollar Tree and removed the lid, inserted a piece of florl foam so that it was a tight fit and then inserted the base of the tree.

I covered the floral foam with some little squares of white chenille that I had on hand. I will add a little glue on the underside of the chenille to keep it from shifting (I can see in my photos that the green is peeking out).


A fun project that you can do in a lot of different variations. The kids can get involved too.

I have such a thing for white birch trees. I remember beautiful groves of them when we visited Colorado.

They just say “Christmas” to me.

Hope your week is off to a great start.


Monday, November 21, 2011

A Sweet Dresser


Happy Monday Everyone!

Just a quick post to share this dresser with you.

I purchased this from a gal who is moving to California. I was going to paint it, but decided to leave it just the way it is.

It is so unique with it’s blue accents on the bottom of the mirror and the hardware.

Talk about great storage…five large drawers and so much personality.

Sometimes a piece is just “right” the way you find it.


My space seems to have a “blue” thing going right now.

It’s funny how that happens sometimes, without planning.


Hope you are checking things off your list as we count down to Thanksgiving.


Friday, November 18, 2011

My Week With Marilyn

Marilyn Photo

The movie is coming out in a few days. I’m looking forward to seeing it. I must admit I’ve always been drawn to the Marilyn mystique, like most people.

Well…my latest dress form customers are HUGE Marilyn fans. They follow my friend Diane’s blog and saw some of our dress form creations posted there. They decided that they would love a Marilyn form incorporating some of their favorite Marilyn photos.

SO…I spent a Week With Marilyn too…

They sent me the photos and I really enjoyed looking through them, many that I had never seen. After months of thinking about this project and trying to settle on the best way to display their photo collection, we decided on the classic white halter dress.

Here’s how she turned out…


I added an, oh so “Marilyn” “tattoo” to her upper back.

It just seemed to work. I love those lips…those eyes…and the signature beauty mark.


I incorporated some of their favorite Marilyn quotes…

I have to admit this one was my favorite, and, yes, the one I can most relate to.

I”ive been on a calendar, but never on time”.



I decided to add a quick “choker” made with a bit of vintage lace and a black and white button”

She also has a crystal doorknob top befitting this sexy siren.



Well…she’s off to West Virginia and set to arrive just before my customers, Ruth Ann and Brad, arrive home for their hometime and Thanksgiving with their family.

I hope they love this sweet homage to their girl….

I’m guessing they will be trying to catch the movie over the Thanksgiving weekend too???

Have a fabulous weekend y’all.


Monday, November 14, 2011

A Coco Desk Makeover


Happy Monday Blog Friends!

I’ve got a busy week of projects planned and wanted to do a quick post before I “get ‘er done”.

I recently purchased a new Annie Sloan Chalk Paint color – Coco.

Here it is in the can…


Well…I had a poor little desk in MAJOR need of a makeover.

Someone had done quite the “decorative” paint job on this piece…

So I got to work on it… (I almost forgot to take before shots..that would have been a shame…LOL).




I went with a roman numeral “clock” theme for this piece.

I did the drawers in Old White. I really like the way the Old White complements the coco color.


I think she looks pretty good in her new colors. She will make a great laptop desk for a lot of different spaces.

The verdict is: I LOVE this new color. It took only two coats to cover that dark green that was on the desk when I found it. Not bad.

I’ve got another piece just about done in the same color scheme.

We’ll see how this color sells in the store.

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I hope your week is off to a great start….

It’s super chilly and windy here in Eastern Washington this morning.

I’ll check back in soon.