Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Farm Chicks Fashion


Hi there!

I wanted to share the aprons we had made for the Farm Chicks Show.

We discovered this wonderful seamstress at the consignment store.

She makes the most beautiful aprons. We asked her to make a couple of custom aprons for us to wear at the show.

We incorporated a black and white dress form pattern, a peppermint pattern and a chocolate dipped strawberry pattern.

She added some really fun details-tulle, rick-rack, trim, eyelet lace, and complimentary prints.

Isn’t it just the CUTEST?


These will be so much fun to wear on Saturday and Sunday at the show.

Can’t wait!

You can get your own fabulous apron from Sally.

Contact her at: kitchenclothesline@charter.net


Just two days before we load up the truck and head to Spokane.

Wish us luck!

Can’t wait to share our experiences and photos from the show once we return..,


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It’s Good To Be Queen

002 - Copy (2)

HI everyone!

I flew into California today for my oldest son’s graduation on Friday. It will be a nice few days. I am spending the day wilt my Mom tomorrow (it’s her birthday).

Things are rolling right along as we close in on the big Farm Chicks Show.

When I woke up yesterday morning I decided it was time to “have fun” and enjoy what the next few weeks will bring for us. We have worked so hard over the last seven months to prepare for our first antique show ever (and it’s a igg one).

Now it’s time to enjoy what we’ve worked so hard for….

This beautiful gal is Beatrice.

We designed her especially for the show.

She features a beautiful new portrait collar neckline, a “wasp” waist form with larger hips and, and some great bee graphics.

We added a great corset detail along with some fun lace/bead detail on the neckline.

003 - Copy (2)

004 - Copy


We love the way she turned out and will be sure to make more of this style over the coming months.

I’ve already listed “Beatrice” in the etsy shop if you can’t live without one : )

We have also stated offering LAYAWAY plans for the dress forms. Make a deposit and take up to 90 days to complete payment on your custom form.

If you are going to Farm Chicks, please try to stop by and say hello at the Starview Sonnet booth. We’d love to meet some of you.

Bye for now…


Monday, May 23, 2011

Good Enough To Eat


There’s not much time to blog these days…things are busy. I spent several hours making cake pops for my daughter to bring to her class on her birthday Friday. I am leaving early Wednesday morning to fly to California for my oldest son’s graduation. When I return there will only be a few days before we leave for the big Farm
Chicks Show.

I wanted to share a wonderful Etsy shop find with you tonight.

I ordered these fun goodies to use for display at the show. We can’t have “real” food in our booth, so what better than this realistic felt food?

Isn’t it fabulous? AND, it looks even better in person.

Visit Margaret’s Etsy shop HERE to see all her great offerings.

She is one of those sellers that is so great to work with. Great communications and customer service.

Check her out.

These items are even more fabulous in person than the photos can really depict.

Won’t they look great displayed on some of our vintage enamel plate stands? Can’t wait.


I’ll check in when I can over the next few weeks.

Thanks for sticking with me, even though my posts are few and far between lately.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

This Piece Will House Many Treasures Soon


This great old pie safe was a wonderful find.

It will be the centerpiece of our booth at the Farm Chicks show. One of the things we love about it is all the SPACE to display the treasures we have been hunting for over six months now.

It started off in a nice enough green like this…


We decided to give it a nice coat of Chalk Paint in the Primer Red. We added a little of the dark wax and this is what we ended up with.


We left the inside very rustic and untouched. This cabinet appears to have housed paint cans, among other things.

Leave the character behind.

We did.


It’s ready to be loaded into the truck for the trip to Spokane.

Oh…here’s another chalk paint upgrade piece.

Great antique dresser. Large, six drawers.

We painted the drawers in Provence, Chalk Paint, of course.

We also added some great new knobs. Whole new look.

This photo doesn’t really do it justice since it’s taken in our dark storage area. I will make sure to share some better photos of it once it’s placed in our space.


If you haven’t tried Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint yet, you’ve just got to do it. This paint brings the “FUN” back into painting.

Transform pieces beautifully and quickly.

So glad you stopped in today.

Happy Spring Day!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You CAN Make A Lamp Out Of Anything


Hi there!

I know my posts have been far and few between of late…

I’ve been SUPER BUSY. I find myself longing for the lazy, hazy days of summer, AFTER The Farm Chicks Show, that is.

Yesterday we had fun with old thermos containers. We have met a wonderful man who works at Home Depot. He used to lighting store before he “retired”. Well…he has been helping us transform some vintage objects into great and unusual lamps and hanging fixtures. He has a fabulous well-stocked shop with just about everything lighting related you can image in. It’s a lot of fun to work in his great space. ADDED BONUS: He had a pen of young chickens and I LOVE chickens and continue to try to convince my husband we need them here).

Here’s some of the finished projects from yesterday.


As you can see, we had some fun with the shades also. This old flour sack has been sitting in my stash for quite awhile now and I think it made the perfect whimsical shade farcie for this really old dark green container.

We also pulled out some polka dots, some burlap, and some upholstery webbing to provide fun “tops” for these not so serious vintage lamps.


We continue to move full steam ahead this last few weeks before the BIG SHOW.

I really hope we get to meet some of you while we are there.

I’ll check back in soon.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Little “Mom” In The Man Cave


I saw this chair at the consignment store last week , and, well, I just kind of fell in love with it.

It was in the booth of one of my very favorite vendors.

Where could I put it?

Well….turns out we had a couple of chairs that were just “not right” in the study/ man cave. Too big. Too bulky. Not too comfortable.

So….I ended up buying this one AND then taking the other two chairs to the consignment store and put the for sale.

Guess what? Today they were gone! SOLD.

This is really one of the main advantages of having a booth at a consignment center..

Something in, something out.

You can rotate things in your own home.






So now the man cave has a bit more “Mom” in it.

Hey, I watch television in here from time to time too : )

Besides, I kind of like the way the new Frenchy floral chair works with the antique guns hanging on the wall : )



So glad you stopped by….


Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Monday


I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

It can be a very emotional day for us mothers. Right?

For me, my oldest son is in California, two states away. My mother is also there. I wasn’t with them yesterday. That is hard for me. I will be there in a couple of weeks for my Mom’s birthday, BUTl STILL….

I did have a very nice day.

I started out the day with a wonderful church servie.

This is my new bike. Mr. Starview Sonnet bought it for me. I had my eye on it for awhile at the consignment store. Another vendor had it in her space. I thought it was so cool. Vintage. Shiny. Great new basket. Three Speeds. Just plain cool.

So, when he asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day—this is what I told him!

He added in the pretty yellow roses….Isn’t it just so cute???

I guess I now officially own my FIRST “old lady bike”. LOL. Can’t you just see me riding to grocery store for a few things? Or the nursery for flowers?

A new chapter in my life I guess. But, a FUN one.



So what else did I do?????

I made my first batch of CAKEPOPS!!!!

I’ve been wanting to try them out, so I did.

Very fun to make. I will be including some of these along with some awesome home baked cookies for my son and his girlfriend and for my brother's birthday next week.

They are not perfect, but, hey, it’s my first time around.

Very cute and a lot of fun to make. I’ll definitely be making more of these.






And then , I got to enjoy an activity that I LOVE.

I thought it about it yesterday….For almost the last 30 years (since I first owned my own condo), I have spent the day before or Mother’s Day doing a bit of gardening. It’s just become a tradition for me.

Now that we are in the Northwest and not in California, there is a new meaning for Mother’s Day gardening.

Technically, we are not supposed to do any spring planting prior to Mother’s Day. This is due to our sometimes late frost.


I bought about 25 4” pots of pansies and some red flower (I can’t think of the name of it- I know it’s something that cinnamon-raria).


and I played the dirt for a couple of hours…



It turned out to be a gorgeous day.

I woke up feeling happy and energetic this morning (don’t you just LOVE that?)

Hope your week is also off to a great start….