Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The One Month Countdown Begins


One month from today we will be in Spokane, WA for the big Farm Chicks Antique Show

I know I haven’t been posting as often as I normally do….Things have been VERY busy.

This is a piece we are bringing to the show. It’s a great old pie safe with TONS of character. It is going to get a new coat of red chalk paint and will be the focal point of our 10 foot x 10 foot space.


We have been busy taking inventory in our storage space and pricing our items for the show. Here’s what the storage area looks like now..

We are stacking up the items that are ready to go and be loaded into the big truck.


We made this sign for our booth displaying the custom dress forms.

We have decided to offer the dress forms at the show for custom order on a lay-away plan.

I don’t know about you, but I grew up with lay-away plans. I think they are great. You get to make a deposit on something you want and pay installments until it’s YOURS!

Great concept for higher ticket items that can be customized.

Here’s the sign we made with an old window we had on hand…


AND there’s still painting going on in the garage Here’s some pieces we are doing in the beautiful Provence color of chalk paint.

I’ll be sure to share the “after” pics with you when they are completed…


Oh…and one more thing….our ADORABLE yardstick coffee table sold today at the store. It has only been in the space for a week or so and it’s already on it’s way to it’s new home.

Here’s one last picture we took of it today with it’s “SOLD” tag.

We’ve gotta do more yard stick projects.


We also did a little sprucing up after a large display shelf sold yesterday. We pulled out the cute rustic white and blue round table.

Moving things around and keeping the “fresh” is important.


I’m so glad you stopped in today and I’ll keep you posted on the preparations for the big show.

It’s quite an undertaking, but I just know that it will be a LOT of fun and a GREAT experience.

RISK equals REWARD. I’ve always believed in those words and this is no different.



  1. Hi Cori- I got exhausted just looking at all the work you were doing (painting and putting 'ready to go' for the Chick's Antiques Show items in a huge group - and then I saw what you did rearranging your booth. Your booth looks great.
    - Joy

  2. Everything looks so charming and inviting, Cori. Offering layaway is smart, better than credit.

  3. Wow, you've been a BUSY little bee...LOVE the Provence-style mannequins!
    I'm looking forward to the big show!


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