Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You CAN Make A Lamp Out Of Anything


Hi there!

I know my posts have been far and few between of late…

I’ve been SUPER BUSY. I find myself longing for the lazy, hazy days of summer, AFTER The Farm Chicks Show, that is.

Yesterday we had fun with old thermos containers. We have met a wonderful man who works at Home Depot. He used to lighting store before he “retired”. Well…he has been helping us transform some vintage objects into great and unusual lamps and hanging fixtures. He has a fabulous well-stocked shop with just about everything lighting related you can image in. It’s a lot of fun to work in his great space. ADDED BONUS: He had a pen of young chickens and I LOVE chickens and continue to try to convince my husband we need them here).

Here’s some of the finished projects from yesterday.


As you can see, we had some fun with the shades also. This old flour sack has been sitting in my stash for quite awhile now and I think it made the perfect whimsical shade farcie for this really old dark green container.

We also pulled out some polka dots, some burlap, and some upholstery webbing to provide fun “tops” for these not so serious vintage lamps.


We continue to move full steam ahead this last few weeks before the BIG SHOW.

I really hope we get to meet some of you while we are there.

I’ll check back in soon.


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