Saturday, July 24, 2010

For The Love Of Found Objects

I found this apple picking basket from Wenatchee, WA at fan auction last week. I just had to have it.

I guess this is what I had in mind when I first saw it.

A wonderful flower arrangement with big red apples spilling out the sides.

Isn't this FUN????

It is sitting in the entry way of our house. AND, it just so happens to be sitting on top of a lovely pecan dresser that I found with my friend Vesna the last time she was here.

Well....she is flying in tomorrow morning for a few days.

I can't wait to see her. This dresser will always remind me of her and our visit last spring

One of my favorite things about this basket is the braided leather strap. It is just so totally worn and used and functional. It gives this utilitarian item so much charm.

Now THIS is the kind of stuff that can really put a smile on my face. I get so much pleasure from treasures like this.

Something different, something beautiful, something that evokes a really good memory of your life.

Aren't these symbols really our "icons"? They represent just who we are and what makes us happy as we strive to make a comfortable, organized, and Memorable home for our families.

Side note: My younger kids (9 and 11) might still thik I'm a bit "strange" with my obsession for things like this, but my oldest son Logan really seems to "get it" now.

During his visit last week, he walked through the house and said "Mom...your house is just SO COZY!".
Now that's the compliment we all want to hear, especially from our loved ones.


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