Thursday, March 3, 2011

Feeling Blue, In A Good Way


Look what we just finished today!

Isn’t it pretty????

We found it looking like this about a month or so ago…



All the doors, glass, and hardware were removed.

She got a good coat of Kilz Primer.

Then she was sprayed with Sherwin Williams Creamy (the perfect off-white, in my opinion).

Once she was dry and a bit of touch up was done, she got a beautiful blue back wall. We used the Martha Stewart Aqua that you can just buy in the little tester size. This is a great color and I’ve used it on several things now.


For the hardware we decided to retain the base plate that was original to the piece. Instead of using the old heavy rings and pulls, we decided to add a more delicate, and oh so pretty, crystal knob.

I love the balance of these two elements…don’t you?

We left all the hinges and other hardware in the original antiqued gold finish and I like the contrast it gives with the doors open.

We did a very light distressing on this grand dame.

A little bit goes a long way on an elegant piece like this…



Of course we had to “stage” it, even though it’s still in the dirty paint booth in the garage.

Hey, after you do all that work, you’ve got to enjoy the fruits of your labors and the “good part” a bit….right?

Basically, I went shopping in my own house for some fun crea and brown accents.

We found the cute church plate at a thrift store, along with the little birdhouses that we painted chocolate brown.

How about that Hors D’oeuvvres plate?Isn’t it fun?


Oh….and then it needed a little something up on top.

How about the WWII suitcase we found at auction a few weeks ago and the top to an old grocery scale we purchased from another vendor at the consignment store.


Now it will be on it’s way to the store tomorrow (this this is HEAVEY!)

This is the largest project we have taken on.

There’s no stopping us now. We were a little intimidated by this one, but once we got started and worked as a team, it moved along well.

Hope I didn’t bore you with too many pictures, I’m just so excited about this girl!


thanks for dropping my our messy workroom today….

have a fabulous evening and a great Friday!

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  1. There is no such thing as too many pictures! Your china cabinet is gorgeous! I know first hand how much work they are, I just finished one myself. Love the blue in the back and your accessories are great!

  2. What a transformation. The paint colors are great. I'm writing them down for later reference. The glass knobs are a very original touch. Love your old suitcase and scale too.
    - Joy

  3. Very nice transformation! So pretty!

  4. Awesome job! love it! I really like that blue!

  5. It is beautiful!! Well done~ thanks for sharing at FNF! :)

  6. What an amazing job! She is so pretty. I love the colors!


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