Friday, March 25, 2011

A 60’s Hi-Fi Cabinet Makeover


This is, by far, the biggest

furniture makeover we have done


We took this old 60’d stereo

cabinet we found at a church sale

and revamped it to a versatile

piece for today’s living.

The slots that used to hold record

albums now hold dishes.



Let me tell you this—this piece did

require a major husband

intervention. Diane’s husband Craig

spent many hours re-configuring the

piece and trimming it out with

beadboard, crown molding and

edge trim.

We also added caster wheels to

make this piece super versatile.



It is finished on the back with beadboard also,

which makes this piece a great “island”.

We painted the inside one of favorite shades of

blue and the outside is Sherwin

Williams Creamy.

We love the way it turned out and are most

thankful for Craig’s carpentry work.

It’s now got a price tag on it and ready

for purchase at the consignment space.

I’m not sure if we’d take on a project quite this

extensive anytime soon, but we are definitely

happy with the final outcome.

Where would you use a piece like this?

Wouldn’t it be great for entertaining?

We’ve started searching yard sales for caster

wheels. This is the third piece of furniture

that we’ve added wheels to.

This was definitely a “think outside the box”


Hope you are preparing to have a great spring



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  1. Beadboard and turquoise. What an inventive and so useful repurpose. You may be starting a new trend.
    - Joy

  2. You have a gift. Do you ever post prices online? Keep the creativity coming!

  3. i'm gonna tell you what. you did this piece a favor. i. love. it. She has a whole new life ahead of her! GREAT, AMAZING job. I'm totally following your blog to see what else you can do!

  4. That is just stinkin' fabulous! I love it!

  5. That's really neat! I love the aqua interior.

  6. incredible! what a wonderful and creative job you did on the color combo you chose and that you added the wheels/casters!!

  7. This is great! I love those colors! Makes me want to come sit on your patio! =)

  8. Found you at MMS and this revamp is absolutely perfect! I LOVE everything about it!

  9. I love it!!! Now I want to make one!


  10. Oh....this looks so great. Who would have ever thought what a great use for an old cabinet. This would look fantastic in my house.

  11. It is beautiful. Great job. The open side was that the back originally?

  12. This is a great use of an old piece! It would be so perfect in my dining room for that buffet that I've been wanting so badly. You guys are so talented! Nice work!

  13. New follower...come by and see me! I absolutely love EVERYTHING about this piece. Ahhhhhh, have to try too copy. LOVE the color and wheels and and and...

  14. What a SPECTACULAR transformation...WOW!!!!! Lovin' that blue!

  15. This is the BEST furniture redo I have seen in a long time! Kudos to you! Keep up the inspiring work!

  16. Now that is gorgeous! It's exactly the sort of thing I love.
    Gonna keep a record of that if you don't mind, thinks it's gorgeous.
    Well done!


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