Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Taking My Own Advice


I’ve been saying this for years…

“I think EVERY room needs a bit of black”.

Well….last week as I was taking a look at the great room, I really felt it was missing a little something. I wasn’t sure what. AND, whatever it was, it had to be a budget-friendly update.

Here’s what it looked like before.


How about a lampshade update?

That would be budget friendly and maybe give me the lift I was looking for.

First, I changed out the shades on the two simple, but nice, table lamps. I ADORE drum shades. It’s funny, because I think they were once associated with modern or contemporary decorating. Now, I love them in just about any interior. They are cottage. They are French Country. They are eclectic and give a fresh look to most any lamp.

Don’t you think?

Best part? Only $15.00 each at Wal-Mart.


Better, but not exactly what I was after.

What to do?

Go material shopping, of course. After looking and looking, I decided on this fabulous black and white textural fabric. It’s kinda “modern” and very “fresh”.


Then I added some black and clear bid trim to the bottom of the shades.


Went “shopping” in my own house for some more black and white accents.

Small changes. Big impact.

Now on to the next little “upgrade” for Spring.

Here’s to the little things that make us happy.


So glad you came by today.



  1. Very pretty colors and displays. Your living room looks comfy. Mel's Cabin is a follower.

  2. Cori, I like both the before and afters! So beautifully done. I usually have a lot of white or pink but I do indeed have some black pieces randomly throughout the house b/c I agree with you 100 percent!


  3. Your adding-black changes make a great impact, Cori. I really like the drum shades and the tables flanking your fireplace.

  4. You are right, a fresh touch of black mixed in with white with the surprise of beading.
    - Joy

  5. Love those lampshades!! They look perfect!! Your home is really beautiful...:) p.s. pillows ship tomorrow!! :)

  6. Oooo. I love it. I too agree that a little black really makes a room pop. It's like the outline to a beautiful picture. Good job!

  7. Everything looks so lovely! I love it!


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