Sunday, August 9, 2009

Home Schooling: Cooking 101

I have always said that I do not have the patience to home school my kids. I have admired my friends over the years that have made this a priority, including my new friend Donna who is doiing it now. BUT, one thing I DO have the patience for is teaching my kids how to cook. I really want them to be comfortable in the kitchen and be able to cook basic meals. Jackson has a real interest in cooking,and more importantly, in EATING!

When Diane was here last week she brought a wonderful new recipe - Sticky Spiced Chicken Thighs which you can find on this wonderful Oak Cottage blog. They were so delicious and everyone liked them. Yesterday we had some chicken breast defrosted for dinner and Jackson decided he wanted to give them the Sticky Spiced treatment. With my assistance he measured out all the ingredients for the rub, dredged the breasts, browned them in the pan and continued cooking them in the delicious glaze. He was so proud of his accomplishment and we decided we will now call this dish "Jackson's Sticky Chicken".

Doesn't he seem to be in his element here at the cooktop?

Here he is with his dish plated up beautifully and garnished with some flat leaf parsley from our garden. A proud junior chef, to be sure!

Read to go to the table now...and, yes, that is Bell's legs in the photo. She always seems to want to be right at our feet in the kitchen : )
While Jackson was glazing his chicken breasts, Allison and I went into the garden and cut a few heads of lettuce, so tomatoes and some carrots. We also had some cucumbers from our neighbor's garden to add. I went over washing the lettuce and veggies with her. I also showed her how to make a simple vinagerette dressing I really like. Some oilve oil, some red wine vinegar, some honey dijon mustard and a little bit of honey. Then we put a small shallot in the blender at the end and blend it up. Gives a nice shallot flavor to the dressing and even thought the kids don't usuallylike onions, they like this dressing.
Here she is showing off her beautiful fresh salads just before dinner.

My 19 year old son Logan likes to cook. I always tried to involve him in the kitchen and I'm happy to say he enjoys cooking for his girlfriend Renee now. They both enjoy cooking and spending time in the kitchen together. That makes me happy.
Give this recipe a try--you won't be sorry.
Happy Sunday to all.

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  1. When I cooked the chicken dish at home last week, I used chicken breasts too! We had it with rice the first night, and then for left overs I cooked up some sauteed yukon potatoes, onion, and bacon to go with it. YUM YUM


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