Thursday, August 13, 2009

I May Not Be June Cleaver.....

But I did dust off the food processor.....

take out my latest kitchen gadget--the mandolin...

took a few potatoes from our garden along with some fresh thyme...

Thanks to the recent winner of the Food Network Star, this pretty lady Melissa d'Arabian, I think I finally made a pie crust that was easy to roll out, easy to work with, and baked up wonderfully.
Her new show is called "Ten Dollar Dinners" and the first one aired last Sunday. She is easy to follow and I have the feeling she is going to have some great tips and tricks. Her pie crust recipe (which was given to her by her mother-in-law) is definitely a keeper.
If you'd like to give this wonderful recipe a try click here.

Thank you Melissa for helping me achieve one of my baking goals--a good pie crust!
Bon Apetit!

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