Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The High Price of Groceries

Well...my husband does most of the grocery shopping, BUT, the last few time I've gone I realized that our family's favorite bread is up to almost $5.00 a loaf! Well...with toast in the morning and making the kid's lunches, we can go through a loaf evey few days.

At the end of flag football one of the Mom's gave my husband a loaf of homemade bread as a thank you for coaching. We brought it camping the next day and I cut it up for sandwiches...everyone loved it! So...I made up my mind I'm going to start making my own bread again. I gave my bread maker to Goodwill several years ago after my husband teased me about how much space it took up. I hadn't used it for a long time.

Turns out making healthy whole wheat bread from scratch is not hard at all. It's kind of fun! I made my first two loaves a couple days ago. My daughter absolutely loved it! I used a recipe I found on The Food Network web site for Honey Wheat Bread. Easy and delicious!

Didn't they turn out nice? My new bread baking routine will save us money at the grocery store, which is a plus these days. Is there anything that smells better than brad baking in the house (ok...maybe chocolate chip cookies...ha!).

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  1. WOW, yet another thing to look forward to when I visit. Home baked bread. YUM YUM I think I may have to start calling you Martha. I expect to see your calendar with all your reminders on it like she does! How fun it must be !


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