Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Where I Live

This Is Where I Live
Our Guest Cottage

Mud and Laundry Room

My Daughter's Room

My Son's Room

Great Room


Master Bedroom

Entry & Hallway



  1. Your home is phenomenal~ It takes my breath away!

  2. OH - MY - GOODNESS! This is sooo crazy...I totally remember your home from RMS! I think I commented a long time ago on the "gallery" I think you called it. The long hallway type area around your kitchen, etc. What a lovely home you have. I just linked over from MMS and read your post and commented. I then decided to check out your home and kept thinking, this is familiar, where have I seen this home? Small world!
    Have a super blessed week!

  3. Cori, this is amazing! I love the photos, and you obviously put a lot of care into this blog! I'll be sure to stop by often!!!


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