Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Nice to meet you. I'm Cori, a self-described "vintage girl". Why? Well...I've had the distinct pleasure to live life to it's fullest for over a half a century now. I have fulfilled many dreams. I am a wife, a mother and a daughter. I have three children--Logan 21, Allison 11, and Jackson (aka Jacketty-Jack) 9.

After enjoying a wonderful career in the public sector I am enjoying my role as a stay at home Mom with many hobbies and interests. I began blogging a little over a year ago and have found this to be a very rewarding pastime. I also rent a small space in a local consignment shop. In my space I have been selling some of my handmade items and also many pieces of thrifty furniture that I have given "makeovers".

My favorite thing about blogging? It has to be this: I learn at LEAST one new thing (many day its several) each day. I am amazed at all the creative women out there and love the "sisterhood" I feel with women all over the world.

At this point in my life I am exploring my creativity and pushing myself to try new things. The possibilities are endless.

I made the transition from City Mouse to Country Mouse two years ago with my family. We live in the country on a beautiful hilltop. We had the once in a lifetime opportunity to build our home and cottage here.

I love all things vintage and love mixing the old with the new in my spaces. Making my home comfortable and welcoming for my family and friends is a priority for me.

This is where I create. This is where I live. I'm happy to have you here to share some of it with me.


  1. I am SOOOOO happy to have found your blog tonight! I've just been surfing on my phone and FELL IN LOOOOVE with your blog! I have only become a member of 1 other one before but after looking at all of your projects I just HADTO become a member! YOU REALLY INSPIRED ME TO MABE DO WHAT YOU DO! I LOOOOOOOOOOVE OLD FURNITURE! WELL, NEW OR OLD! I absolutely adore your ideas and we have the same taste! I just had to write you and let you know how VERY VERY inspiring your blog has been! I have LYME disease and I am unfortunately in bed a lot, I'm in so much pain and soooo tired I just can't do much. But... I'm getting better and I can't wait to try my hand out on some furniture! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! By the way, you don't look at all old enough to have a 20 year old! Have a wonderful.day!

  2. Hi Cori,
    I just watched your FarmChicks video and it looks as if you're off having a wonderful time at your very first booth.
    Congratulations and I hope you do well!
    I'm an ex-editor who enjoyed going to these kinds of shows...so inspiring!

  3. Hey, Cori!

    This is Lisa from church....We met a few weeks ago and I told you I'd send you a blog link to another blog I thought you might enjoy....You might know of it, but here's the link:


    LOVED seeing your home and would love to visit sometime when it's convenient....Let me know and I'll bring the scones and tea!

    Lisa H. bhenderson@q.com

  4. Imagine my surprise when I clicked on your me page. I've met very few women with the same name, and even fewer with similar tastes. I've enjoyed your site :)
    Cori Richardelle


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