Friday, August 7, 2009


Ok...I just got back from seeing the movie and I have to say that I am inspired and joyful! First off, my husband took my kids to see Alians in the Attic while I got to go solo and watch the movie all by myself (no trips to the bathroom) I sat nice and close so I could see well and enjoyed every second of the film. I must admit I was not into cooking during the time Julia was on television. But you can bet I'll be watching her old episolds soon. I recently got her cookbooks from the library and found them a little daunting. But, I will be trying out her recipes soon.

What really struck me about her was her joyful spirit...she had a loving relationship with her husband and the movie hinted at her sadness at not having children. Well...I am a believer that things happen for a reason. Although she was not blessed with children, she bestowed so much inspiration and joy on others. My BFF Diane never had children. She is one of the happiest and most content people I know. I just told her last week, "Maybe one of the reasons you are so happy at this time in your lie is because you don't have children". Children are blessings, but can also be heartache. Diane is free of those worries and those heartaches. So...the lesson here is one that I truly believe in: Be happy whereever you are in your life: Single, Married, with kids, without kids...enjoy the place where you are at the moment. It may change at any time and the true secret to happiness lies in being happy with your place in life NOW.

Ok...enough of all that. I ADORED the movie and so will yourself a favor and go see it. AND, it's never too late to learn to cook and enjoy the process. It's a wonderful journey and you learn a lot about yourself through cooking. The young Julie in the movie discovers her creative side and conquers many challenges, including cooking live lobsters and boning a whole duck (both on my to-do list now). Life is wonderful and trying new things brings happiness. I am feeling very uplifed. This has been a very good day.

NOTE: It doesn't matter how small your kitchen is--you can still cook! My ex-mother-in-law had the smallest little kitchen in Long Beach, NY. The food that came out of there was wonderful! So....go try a new recipe and explore your inner Julia : )

This is her kitchen. Isn't it wonderful? This color cabinetry will be popping up in mid-century decor homes all over! Love it!

Pegboards will also be making a comeback. They just make so much organization sense!

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  1. Sounds like that movie was a real spirit lifter! You sounded so inspired, as I read your words, and yes, it is happy no matter what life hands you! Love you!


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