Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A True Garden Show Gem

I had the good fortune of visiting the Garden Show in San Mateo California the last week of March.

There were many gorgeous displays, but this one just stood out above the rest for me. I'm not sure that photos could do it justice, but I will try.
The structure is about the size of a medium square shaped dining room.
The walls are made entirely of succulents in varying shades. As best we could tell, they used plywood with soil and covered it with chicken wire. Then the plants were placed in the openings of the wire. The walls were literally "painted" with the plants.

A Monet Painting done in succulents.....really!
This si the doorway of the structure. Since the structure was set inside a shoow pond, you used the stepping stones to enter the gorgeous outdoor dining space.

The walls inside were painted a true aqua blue, but were softened with the most amazing textural jute netting....softening the bolder color and giving the most incredible warmth to the space.

The stain color used on the wood of this spectacular doorway was amazing with all the shades of the plants

The lights surrounded the water feature appeared to have been made from quick dry cement in irregular casts. There were lights set in the middle and some broken colored glass to add just the right amount of sparkle.

I just went crazy for these and am planning on recreating something similar soon!

I think a little dining retreat similar to this could be accomplished in many different ways in your space. What an inspiration!
I want to try the succulent "wall" on a small space to start with.
I'll let you know how it goes...


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