Friday, April 9, 2010

Imagining The Possibilites...

Look at all these beautiful linens!

Wait until you hear his. My friend Diane was helping her Mom clear out some closets several weeks ago. She had all these beautiful doilies that were handmade by her mother and aunts. They had been there for years and years.

Diane know I have a fierce appreciation for vintage, her Mom generously packed up all these beauties and sent them my way.

Every single one is so beautiful. Talk about Christmas morning in April!

I have so many ideas to display these in my crafts and my new little retail space.

What a wonderful gift!

For all you super creative women out there--If you have projects that you've done with this type of handwork, send some inspiration my way.

Happy Friday : )



  1. I can't wait to show my Mom what you created with them. They look so much prettier all laid out where you can appreciate the design and details. I'm just elated with the joy they have brought you.

  2. Cori amor, what beautiful pieces and what lovely generous friends! I have ones that my Ita (grandma) made and I love seeing them out throughout my home, they remind me of her and home :) Enjoy your new lovelies! Have a beautiful weekend! Besos, Rose

  3. Lucky you, Cori! And what a generous friend you have! I'm sure you'll think of many wonderful things to do with them!

    Hope you're having a beautiful day!

  4. Hi Cori,
    Wow ~ the possibilities....what fun! I've seen pillows w/ the doilies stitched in the middle...looks kinda cool...what about a doily stitched in the middle of a pillow and then a cool rosette in the middle or other adornments? You know who would know is Lisa @ Tarnished & Tattered! She is a creative genius! :) Have fun!


  5. So beautiful!!! I'll have to check back and see what you do cuz I have a bunch from my great-grandma that i would LOVE to turn into something lovely :)

  6. Oh Cori

    They new that they'll be well loved. What a wonderful treat! Love them.



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