Friday, April 23, 2010

Grocery Store Flower Inspiration

I had to get up early this morning (before the kids) to get ready for a doctor's appointment. After getting the kids on the bus I left for my appointment. They took me in right stopped at the Safeway on the way home. They had a great deal on flowers (3 bunches for $12.00).

The sun is shining...the flowers are now in their containers...and I am hoping they will inspire me to get going on a number of projects I have waiting in the wings.

Oh...and check out these two white pitchers I found at the church sale on Sunday. The large one was $2.00 and the small one was $1.00!

Aren't they sweet? The little one has a crack--but, hey that's not a problem for girl like me : )

Now check out these bright and vivid colors! I'm not usually attracted to the "unnatural color" flowers, but these just struck me today! They have inspired me to create a new banner (I'll show you in another post).

I'm feeling have that power over me.

Hope this Friday finds you inspired and just happy to be alive...



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  1. Oh Cori,
    I love, love, love these pitchers. Did you find them at that place you were telling me about? We will have to go there when I come for a visit!!!
    Beautiful snappdragons! I have never seen them at my Safeway :o(
    Miss you


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