Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's The "Good" Kind Of Stress...

Only three more days until The Country Store open and my little space will be open for business. This is the view of my prime space from the front door. I think I was the second person to rent a spot, so I had my choice.

All the spaces have been rented out! So exciting!

Here's the advertising flyer for the store:

There is going to be a florist with the cutest name - BeBop Flower Shop just across from my space. How wonderful!

I set up some items yesterday and I'll be back there today with more...just keeping the momentum going...

My garden pots are looking pretty hanging on the trellis.

I found this shelf at the Sunday Sale for $3! A coupoe coats of Rustoleum and it makes for a great display shelf.

The good stress is what helps us to get stuff done....

Bring it on!

Hope you are having a great productive day.



  1. How exciting! I'll bet you just can't wait. Be sure to post more pics and lots of updates! :-)

    And sell lots!


  2. Very exciting indeed!! Cant wait to hear how it goes ~ love the trellis's w/ the pots!!



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