Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This One Is For All The Teachers....

and the school bus drivers..

This is a bouquet I put together for the kid's afternoon bus driver. She is just a doll!
She loves flowers, but then how many of us don't?

Since it is September 1st, most kids are already back in school or about to go back. I just wanted to say that I admire and respect the wonderful people that we trust our children with during the day...the teachers, the bus drivers, and everyone else who makes the schools run as efficiently as they do. Through my three childrn, I have met some of the most passionate and inspiring teachers. They change lives. Every day. They need to have the patience of a saint to do what they do. But they still do it.

Her'es to all of you who teach, have taught or who have been iinspired by a great teacher. You are special and important.

So...I will keep sending flowers, little gifts and cards, and remember you at Christmas and other holidays. I will also try to sign up for field trip chaperone when I can and always send in things you need in the classroom.

Thank you!!!

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