Monday, September 21, 2009

I Know This To Be True

I believe in the words from this great Mary Englebreit artwork. Arts and Crafts DO keep me sane. I love to create and there is nothing like the finished product. If it makes you home more beautiful in the end or puts a smile on a loved one's face, ALL THE BETTER!

I miss Mary and her Home Companion magazine so much! I had a subscription for years and saved each and every issue to curl up with at a later date. Her magazine is gone, but you can visit her great blog to get your Mary fix (I do!).

So yesterday I started a new project. This is a banner made out of extra burlap I had on hand. It measures approximately 40" x 11". I added wire to the hems on all four sides.

I stencilled "Harvest Moon" on it. When it comes to fall decorating, I like to get a lot of bang for my buck. If a good proportion of your decorations are fall, rather than Halloween specific, you can leave 'em up until the Christmas tree comes in!

What I love about this banner is that it is pliable. Since it is wired, you can tuck it in just about anywhere--on a bookcase, behind pottery on a hutch, even into a planting area outside in a protected area.
I will be making other variations of this banner in the coming weeks. I may even offer up some in an etsy shop...what do you think?

Happy Monday morning to all of you. I am feeling quite calm and "sane" after a weekend of fun creating : ) Oh yeah, and hearing from my son that he was home safe and sound after his camping trip to Yosemite.


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