Friday, September 25, 2009

It Still Seems So Magical To Me...

Yesterday I spent some time going through photos. It was so fun to bring back a memory from a little over three years ago. Our whole family was part of my sister-in-law's very special wedding day. The entire family dressed up in their best all at once!

I know I'm preaching to the choir here...BUT...isn't it amazing that we now have the technology to take photos and save them on our computers or little things that are smaller than lighters???

AND...THEN...we can pop them into one of the wonderful photo editing programs out there and create ART with photos of our loved ones? It just really struck me how lucky we are to experience this technology in our lifetime. I really appreciate this magic!

My son hiding behind his Dad....CLASSIC!

My princess Allison in her special dress BEFORE she dripped chocolate from the chocolate fountain all over it at the reception

One of my all-time favorite photos with my babies from the head table

Thanks for letting me share this memory with you.
Have a wonderful autumn weekend.


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