Friday, September 18, 2009

The Best Birthday I Ever Had

It was 20 years ago. My water broke around 4:00 in the morning. We went to the hospital. After a very LONG day, he arrived just in time for dinner. It was a little after 5:00. We named his Logan Michael. He weighed 10 pounds and 4 ounces (yes, I ultimately had a c-section).

Today he turns 20. I turn 51 (but never mind about that...). I knew then and I know now that was the best birthday I could ever wish for. Every year since then has been filled with love for him and the joy (yes, and heartache) that being a mother brings. What a gift I was given. My first child born on my birthday. It has never ceased to amaze and delight me, even after all these years.

He says goodbye to the teenage years today. I celebrate the fact that I survived them (ha!). He is camping with his girlfriend and friends in the beautiful Yosemite Valley this weekend. I miss him, but I know he is happy and I will see him soon.

Today is a beautiful day here..just a bit of autumn in the air. I cut flowers from my garden, took care of some housekeeping and will go to my youngest son's soccer game at 5:30. Then we will go to Applebee's for dinner. This is a perfect day.

This week I made my first digital scrapbook. Turns out I went digital 7 years ago--the year Logan turned 13. So I compiled some of my favorite photos of him in celebration of "The Teen Years"...very therapeutic for me.

I have to share this photo with you...

Turns out he had "Adam Lambert" hair way before Adam Lambert did (the second runner up on last year's American Idol, in case you are not a fan).

Now this is a photo of him just a few months ago when he was here to visit. Quite a change...right? If you find yourself in the middle of the teenage years, remember this: most of their crazy little fads do diminish on their own. Don't sweat the small stuff. They are just trying to figure out who they are, in most cases.

Today he is a young man who has a heart full of love. I know happiness will always find him. I will always be his Mom, no matter how old h is.

Happy Birthday Baby! Thank you for being the best birthday present I ever received.



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