Monday, September 7, 2009

What A Great Feeling...

In honor of Labor Day we decided we would work and work on our detached 3-car garage and get our two cars in there. We actually moved into our house 5 months ago...but we have used our garage as an "overflow" as we settled into the house and got things done. Then...summer came and it has been SO HOT here in Eastern Washington that the thought of sweating it our in the garage wasn't one bit appealling.
I decided a few days ago that Labor Day would be the day we worked on our garage...AND WE DID!!!! The kids cooperated...we unpacked, organized...swept...and around 5:00 p.m. we got both our cars into the garage.
What's behind Door #1? Well...that will be my husband's shop area...Hopefully he will motivate and get his workbench and tool storage done this next month with the kid's back in school. HE WILL~! I just know it.
But, when I lay my head down tonight I will feel so accomplished and wonderful because our cars are parked in the garage (where they are supposed to be)....What a wonderful feeling...
Now I need to orgnaized my closet/craft room....Diane...I need you!
Hope you all had a great long weekend...
My definition of a great weekend is accomplishing something and I DID!

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  1. 4 weeks and counting and I'll be there! WOW, so that is what the garage looks like with the cars in it. LOL I'm so happy for you and your great accomplishment. I know how happy you must have felt to get it done.


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