Friday, September 11, 2009

Where Were You On That September Day?

I was sleeping becuase I had worked the swing shift the night before. My husband was making breakfast for our three kids, an 11 year old, a two year old and the baby. The phone rang. It was my ex-husband, father to my oldest son. Turn on the news, he said.....He was born and raised in New York...used to work at the World Trade Center.
My husbnad woke me up. We sat and watched the television in disbelief. We called the people that mattered. My best friend since the 4th grade was an American Airlines Flight Attendant. We prayed.

My 11 year old was old enough to understand...and to HURT> My babies had no idea what had happened (thank goodness). But I walked around with their double stroller for weeks with little flags flying from the handle. We cried.

My husband and I were both called back into work. We worked in a big city police department. He was a sergeant and I supervised 911 dispatchers. It touched us to our very core. Those were our "brothers" and "sisters" trying to save people from the most unspeakable act we had ever witnessed. Many of them died doing their jobs.

You don't have to be political to know how that day changed your life forever.
No matter what you are doing today..
take some time to remember.

God Bless America.

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  1. Beautiful post. Even after the years, your post brought tears to my eyes and I was Right back to that day. Our phones here were ringing off the hook that Sept. 11th, as every one we knew in Europe was calling all day and night long to cry with us, to say "sorry" and "we are thinking of all of you in the USA." God bless America.


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