Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Shabby Nest Does Frugal Friday

I found this great feature on The Shabby Nest today - Frugal Friday
Although it's Sunday and not Friday...better late than never. Wanted to share some of my very favorite frugal transformations. The buckets above were purchased at 60% at JoAnn's. They were galvanized and silver and had fruit stand type stickers on them.
Well....I used that "goof-off" type stuff to completely removed the stickers. Then I gave them several coats of my favorite Rustoleum Heritage White paint (always keep a few cans on hand). To me, this is the perfect off-white shade.
Then I popped in some small rosemary plants (I love the fragrance and use rosemary in cooking often). These containers can be kept inside or outside.
Since I've got a number obsession lately, I may just stencil some numbers on these to give them a new look...we'll see...

Now these are the exact same type of containers...purchased in a silver galvanized finish with a country style sticker on the side. Remove the stickers (can be a little time consuming) and tive them the Rustoleum paint treatment. I probably gave these 5 or 6 light coats of paint. I added a rectangle of chalkboard paint on these by taping of a rectangle shape and brushing on some dark blue chalkboard paint I had in the garage. You can personalize them with a message. I wrote "Enjoy" "The" "Journey" that!

They look great with my variety of sunflowers from my garden.

Ok...this may be my very favorite frugal project of late. These are those bottles you get the Starbuck's bottled drinks in at Wal-Mart (usually near the check-out stand). Once again, remove the outside labels...clean 'em out. Take the Rustoleum Heritage White paint and just go to town. Lots of coats, inside and out.
Now I found the adhesive number stickers at a local scrapbook store. I loved them because they are a dark brown (in my opinion, the new black).

You can spell out any word or words you like....can't wait to see thse filled with my spring bulb flowers! That reminds's almost time to order bulbs for fall planting..

Thanks for letting me share some of my favorite frugal projects--all using the same basic concept.


  1. These are all just darling! Thanks for linking!!

  2. I LOVE rosemary. Very nice. I'll have to check out Frugal Friday. Sounds like just the thing.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the path of lit-up lanterns too :)



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