Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's A Party! ....a letter and number party..

This is my kind of party! It's one for those of us that just LOVE numbers and letters. So we like to put them around our houses. It's almost obsessive, at times.
Michelle at VINTAGE JUNKY has invited anyone who shares this same passion. Just click on her link and check out what others have done with their obsession. She has a great blog..take a peek at it....I follow her.
I think the timing of her party is perfect...why? Because I think those of us who love numbers and letters also love Back to School! Am I right?
Here's my stuff.....
a cake plate full of scrabble letters...

a big S in our guest cottage..

my recycled Starbuck's bottles that BLOOM...

my fun patio chair that I covered in a French feedsack...
(purchsed at the Farm Chicks)

printer's typeset numbers (this is our street address)

my monogrammed chaircovers that I ADORE...

my daughter's treasure-a typewriter!

a scale that I think is really special..

this fun date block set from Real Deals..

monogram pillow for my son's room...

and my daughter's...

her initial...

a lampshade I stencilled with a mongram...

his initial..

an old French table number...why 31? I gave birth to my oldest son on my 31st cool is that?

baskets in our mudroom...

and my slipcovered monogrammed parsons chairs from Ballard Desings...

Thanks for stopping by......if you don't have any letters or numbers accenting your's something to think about???
: )


  1. Wow girlie! You have lots, and I mean LOTS of fun stuff! I love your calender and French number... isn't anything better if it is French? And your scale....***sigh*** I am looking for the perfect one. Thanks so much for joining the party!

  2. oh i want to move into your house!!! so many lovelies!!! thanks for sharing!

  3. I really enjoyed visiting your home and seeing all your wonderful letters and numbers. I love them all!!

  4. Lovely items!!



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