Wednesday, May 12, 2010

She's A Beauty

Several years ago I saw the most beautiful vintage fan collection in Mary Englebreit's Home Companion (how I miss that magazine).

Since that time, I have wanted to start a collection of my own.

Well...welll...look at this gorgeous one I found on ebay a week or so ago.

It arrived yesterday and I was so happy with it. I'm certainly not an expert in the value of these, but I just LOVED the way this one looked.

Better yet, the price was right.

Not sure where it's going to end up yet, just know that I love it.

here's a few simple pillow designs I've been working on....

Tip For The Day:

But what you love and you will always find a place for it.

Happy Wednesday.



  1. Love that fan and the birdcage pillow! You had asked me about a resin technique but I wasn't sure what you meant. Email me: tallchick37(at)yahoo(dotcom) and I'll see what I can help with!

    xo, Jeanine

  2. Hi Cori...I have this magazine and loved how the fans were all displayed. I have a fan like yours.
    It is very old...I'd say 40-50 years old. Yours looks really good. I too miss Mary's magazine.
    I think I have every one of the issues and don't plan on getting rid of any of them! I go back and check them out every now and then. FUN!!
    Smiles and Blessings,

  3. Hi Cori, that is one of the nicest fans I have seen, love it! I wouldnt even be bothered if it didnt work it looks so good :0)
    ps. thanks for your lovely comment at my blog


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