Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Grand Opening was the big day!

The Grand Opening of the store and my consignment space.

Here's the sign....

Here's a few shots of my space...

I felt like I didn't have enough items for sale...but tomorrow is another day and I'll be back to work on more ideas.

I do love the spot we chose and I was very happy to see the parking lot full at 11:00 when the store opened. The owner has done an awesome job of putting this all together. Great job Kyla!

Now here's some photos of my neighbors....

Look at this wonderful space...doesn't it look great?

Here's my next door neighbors...Don' they have some really fun things?

you gotta love this crochet set..

This is my "across the street" neighbor....She has two spaces together and some wonderful things...

I ended up with the GREATEST neighbors.

Isn't this bed to die for?

You can never have two many wagons like this...

Isn't this fun?

Now take a look at the clock on the upper great is that?

Watch for an update in my next post.

Now it's time for a good night's sleep and an early start at the church sale in the morning...

Hope your weekend is going well...

Here's to doing things that you love!
(like blogging).


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  1. It looks great, Cori!
    I remember how excited I was when I opened up both of my spaces. I think you're going to do really, really well.
    Most importantly, have fun!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!


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