Monday, May 31, 2010

Good Old-Fashioned Sunday Fun

What do two best friends do early on a Memorial Weekend Sunday?

Go yard-sailing of course!

We found this great (really old) all wood desk chair. These are the "after shots).

Diane reupholstered the seat and the seat back. We loved the wear and the patina of the beautiful wood, so we left it as it was after a good cleaning with some Murphy's Oil Soap and some Minwax Finishing Wax.

We also added a little crown to the seat back...lovin' that!

We went to the fabric store and decided on these dark burlap. We also purchased small upholstery tacks for the back of the seat.

Diane sat at the work bench for quite a while hammering those little babies in.

Great detail!

This is what she looked like when we found her on the sidewalk at the yard sale...

Her cover was vinyl. She didn't need a lot, just a little upgrade.

Here's a few of our found treasures..

A great old green wheel-barrel, a table we are going to paint off-white, some great candlesticks, an almost primitive green chest, and a blue suitcase that will get the off-white paint treatment too.

What a fund day! We were able to attend an estate sale downtown and walk through and grand and lovely old home. We didn't buy anything there (prices were quite high for some find pieces). But who doesn't love walking through a home like that?

Hope you are savoring the last day of this long weekend with your loved ones .

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  1. Wow great scores Cori!! Are you just having a blast or what?? :)




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