Saturday, May 15, 2010

A New Girl In EtsyLand

I just listed Marcella in my etsy shop....or should I say another girl just like her or a little different based on my customer's requests.

I will be making these to order.

I really enjoy working with my customers to find the right "look".

Wouldn't she be beautiful somewhere in your home?

I'm working on one for a very dear friend of mine that I've recently reconnected with on Facebook (lots of those great stories out there).

Hers will be very similar to Marcella, but there will be a butterfly in the small of her back with a hint of color, unlike the neutrals of this moth

I will dress each beautiful piece of art with her own vintage sheet music designer outfit, complete with special touches that will make her unique to you.

The wood base can be painted in your choice of colors.

When my next one is finished, I'll be sure to share her glamor shots with you.

I have so many ideas for different variations of these Parisian beuty....Heck, a girl can never have too many "looks". : )



  1. Hi Cori!
    Wow, what a magnificent piece! Stunning!

    Thank you so much for your visit and comments on my cubby post. Wow...Where Women Create, really? From your mouth to God's ears! ;-)


  2. She is a darned fine looking broad!

  3. Hi Cori,
    Wow that a beautiful piece!! You did a fantastic job on it ~ I'm off to check out your etsy.

    Thanks for coming by yesterday....I haven't been out gardening too much, just willing my roses to bloom....they are soooo close! This week I plan to tho, things were a little crazy for me this last week so I'm looking forward to getting outside & enjoying our weather! :)


  4. What a great idea!

  5. Hi Cori! I'm Doni and I think you did a WONDERFUL job on Marcella! Sure wish I could get one for myself...but perhaps someday I can make one myself. I have lots of music around here (a huge box from ebay!) and I'd love to try that! Thanks so much for sharing her with us. Blessings!


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