Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Guest Bath - Looking For Suggestions

This is my small guest bath. There are now windows. A small vanity with a vessel sink and wall mounted faucet.
A vintage mirror from an old hotel in New Orleans purchased on ebay.

A rustic towel bar across from the commode. A couple of framed prints on the wall

A Christmas night light is still in there. I like the night light, but obviously need one that isn't necessarily seasonal. Have you seen any great night lights that I might take a peek at?

The back wall is done in rectangular travertine til.

The walls are plastered in a soft golden color (Harvest Time - Benjamin Moore).

I know this little room needs something....I'm just not sure what.

So....I'm going to put these photos out there (Christmas night light in May and all) and see if you can suggest some accents for this space.

I can't wait to hear from you and get some inspiration.

Hope your Tuesday is going well....it's raining pretty hard here in Eastern Washington after several days of sunshine.


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  1. My suggestion is greenery... maybe a topiary on the back of the toilet? or next to the sink. I like the look the tile gives off... looks like brick. cute!

    Lindsay @ ThatVillageHouse.blogspot.com


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