Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sometimes You Just Have To Ask

Several weeks ago I posted a "wanted" ad on craigslist. It stated that I was looking for old windows.

Well...I got an email and then a call. Last week I went over to the house. A young man (well, young to me- maybe 30?) is in the process of updating his 1920's house downtown. He had at least 25 windows.

I ended up buying 8 or them.

Here they are. Great windows. Not exactly sure what I'll do with them, but I'm glad I have them.

Ok....I'll admit it. There was one in particular with the perfect shade of light aqua chippy paint that I didn't want to part with...It has ended up here on the cottage mantle and I'm just loving it.

Yesterday I posted an ad with craig asking for fold dressers. I'll let you know what happens.

I've started telling everyone that I rescue furniture and you'd be surprised what people just want to "give" you.

Try it.


  1. i love that window...perfect over the mantle!!!

  2. Gorgeous!! I love old windows. I have one in my home that a friend and fellow blogger sent to me and I simple smile everytime I see it :)


  3. Smart you - the window looks great on your mantel. So, do people give you junk or pretty good stuff, or a bit of both?

  4. I love the windows!! I just bought one from an antique shop and LOVE it! I hung it above my bed. You can take a look if you want-


    love your style!

  5. I love old windows, I don't have any quite as large as yours, but love what I do have, this looks great over the fireplace.

  6. Oh wow, I love how that aqua window looks on your mantel! I've been searching CL too for old windows, I want to make a garden conservatory. Looks like you have enough to make one! ~Marcy

  7. Oh my... what a wonderful stash! LOVE old windows and love the one on your fireplace. It really enhances that area nicely. Pretty!


  8. I love old windows too. What a great idea to post a want add on Craigslist. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Please come by my blog for a visit I am having a big giveaway.

    :) Michelle


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