Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pottery Barn Inspiration With Dollar Store Finds

If you are like me, you look forward to the first Fall Pottery Barn catalog with anticipation...Somehow they never disappoint. Always new ideas and new looks. I look at them over and over.

Well...the first page of this year's had a wonderful centerpiece using the Indian corn. Of course I wanted to create the "look for less". Here's what I found at the dollar store-
Some great battery operated candle pillars and some great glass cylinders...

Great start.

I added some sheet music graphs to the candles with transfer paper. I filled up the bottom of the cylinders with varying heights and colors of dry beans (don't you love the black ones?).

I placed the three cylinders on a favorite white serving dish.

I wrapped a big rubber band around the two back cylinders. Then I took the corn and tucked it into the rubber band to stand them up.

Then I wrapped some twine around the three cylinders to bring them all together (and cover the rubber band).

Then I cut some fall colors from trees on our property...

I also added a sweet white pumpkin.

The cost for this great centerpiece or table decor?

Glass and Candles - $6
Dried Bean s in Bulk - $3
Corn - $2.99 for 3 at Wal-Mart

I used a serving platter I already had and twine. Branches from my trees are free : ).

So, for under $12 you've got yourself a beautiful autumn grouping that will warm any space you put it in. This is definitely worthy of a Pottery Barn catalog (maybe even a little bit nicer than theirs?0.

Best thing--???? A whole lot less money for this one.

At this price, you can scatter different variations of this all around your home or business (I know I will).

And those battery operated pillar candles???? Get this, I wanted to test the battery life on these. So this is what I did--I put 3 AAA batteries in each one and left them on 24/7. These babies kept burning for over 120 hours on 3 battiers!

This makes a great item for the retail space. The warm allure of candelight with no fire hazard or electricity needed.

Now that's a pretty good bang for your buck, don't' you think?

If you make your own, be sure to share your photos with me.

Creative fall decorating on a budget.

Love that!


  1. I really like this! Can you give more details on how to apply the sheet music?


  2. So pretty! I like your take on the PB version. I haven't tried the fake candles yet. Between my bf and I we have 4 animals so this might be something for me to look into! I can't wait to look through the rest of your blog!

  3. Great the idea of using beans in the cylinders!

  4. I looks great! Great idea to use the transfer paper. I'll have to copy that.

  5. Cute idea, wrapping the transfer paper around the candles! I began buying the battery operated candles when they first came out about 6 years ago. I'm still on the original batteries for one set of three! They cost much less now, and can be found in discount stores, whereas ages ago, you could only find them in specialty shops at a very high price. I use beans, coffee beans, popcorn, candy- you name it - as fillers. Just a fun thing to add some dimension. :-)

  6. Hi Cori, this looks so good. I like how you raised the candles on top of the beans.

  7. What a pretty vignette! You did a great job for a lot less money.
    Enjoy your evening.

  8. That looks brilliant! I haven't had a look at the PB catalog yet so thanks for reminding me about it. I just wish they would either deliver to Australia or, even better, open a store over here!!

    Best wishes,


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