Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Weekend Projects

It's been a busy few days here.

Seems like my list of projects keeps growing and growing...

I made up this fall versions of the dogwood blooms in great shades of gold, burnt orange, brown and green. I used branches from our trees and gave them a coat of espresso brown paint to make more of a statement.
They make a nice dramatic nod to the season in the retail space (and of course they are for sale as well).

We spent most of the day yesterday making some furniture repairs and getting ready to paint some of the nieces.

This is the first time we used our newly constructed spray booth in the garage along with my new Graco paint sprayer.

Here's a dresser, a little desk and the top to a birdcage..

After following the directions very carefully, I gave my newest toy a whirl. It was amazing how well the sprayer worked. I used the Sherwin Williams paint in Creamy and the results were great.

Since furniture makeovers have become more than a hobby now, it is great to have a specific spray booth area to work in.

I'll be sure to show you these projects when they are finished.

I'm still working on the buffet I found at a yard sale a few weeks ago.

I decided to keep it. I thought about painting it, but I have to admit, once I used the oil and vinegar treatment (3 parts vegetable oil to 1 part white vinegar) and could see the potential in this piece, I decided to leave it as is.

I have to share this great product I used yesterday. It is by Howard's. It's called Restor-A-Finish. It comes in different stains. This one is dark walnut.

The results are nothing short of amazing!

I had already been using the Howard's Feed N Wax and love that product.

You can see that this piece is really coming along nicely.....a little steel wool and a lot of elbow grease along with these great products goes a long way.

NOTE: I found them at my local Home Depot.

Warning--No pretty pictures here:

But I had to show you a few shots of my new work area and my two new tools. The Ridgid sander with variable speeds and easy Velcro type sanding pads is amazing.

My new Graco TureCoat Plus sprayer. It was easy to use and even my first time out was a success.

Don't you just love the smell of a new canvas tarp?

It will never look like this again, once the painting begins...but I had to take a few "before" shots.

Hope you had a productive weekend. I'll be sure to keep you posted on my project list along with my progress.

So glad you came by on this Monday...


  1. Cori, I am excited to read about your new sprayer and spray booth. I think you are smart not to paint the buffet. It is much easier to find pieces that need to be painted. I have used Restor-A-Finish for years and it is incredible stuff!

  2. Cori,
    I always love stopping by to see what
    project(s) you have going. You amaze me!


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