Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mission Accomplished

It's been a VERY busy three days of shopping and trying to stock up on some lpieces I can work on over the next month or so.

I lost track of how many yard and estate sales we visited in all.

Here's some of my finds. The drop leaf table above was a treasure that just needs a little TLC. It also has all four leaves in excellent shape. The little chair will look great reupholstered and with a fresh coat of paint.

How cute is this little gem?

We also completed another piece for the Time Worn Collection. This little chest of drawers turned out really cute. We delivered it to the space this afternoon and here's how it looks.

The little Remington typewriter was a yard sale find that makes a great accent to the collection, don't you think?

We even made a "faux" clock accent with an empty clock base we found at a yard sale and put our clock face on burlap inside the clock opening.

Now this was fun--We went to "The Red Shed" sale here in town. This woman does a sale a couple times a year. It is done outside on her beautiful property. Everything is placed outside on her lawn and in her little shed.

She did a beautiful job of displaying all her things.

See this little orange and green wheel barrel? Well...I bought this months ago at a yard sale, put it in my space and sold it.

Here it was filled with pumpkins and with a much higher asking price than I sold it for.

Isn't that funny?

It looks so good that I decided to pick myself up another old wheelbarrel yesterday to put in front of my cottage.

I found some wonderful pieces. Check out this buffet in the back. That is now in my garage. So are the three window, the gate leg table (in need of lots of love), the railroad light, the great little blue chest and the baskets. All these things came from one yard sale that we almost just a "drive by" on.

Something told us to get out and take a closer look , and boy, I'm glad we did.

Yep, it was a VERY successful shopping weekend and I am pleased with all the things in my garage tonight.

Here's a few more pics of the latest chest waiting for a new home.

We did the burlap panels on the side and also added the accents on the drawers. We didn't do the full drawer panel since this chest has those great lock hardware pieces on the front (didn't want to cover up those).

I do apologize for some of the photos in this post--I only had my phone camera with me and for some reason the photos end up with the gray borders sometimes.

Hope you had a productive (or relaxing) weekend, whichever you were hoping for.


  1. I can't wait to see what you do with all of your wonderful pieces. I love your Time Worn collection!I have a booth too and I often sell to other dealers who then price my items much higher. I think it is more fun to turn things over quickly, don't you?Not to mention the thrill of the hunt!

  2. Hi cori, my blog on your mannequins are a success, I have readers fr that link alone fr canada, gotaland, ohio..I cnt remember some of the other countries.oh did u see my blog award for u? it was last weekend's.

    love your garage picks! i'll choose that windows and headboard!


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