Monday, October 4, 2010

At The End Of The Day...

this is what we ended up with...

We started with the door that my neighbor gave me from her "burn" pile. We added a two-sided chalkboard to the top section and some chicken wire to the bottom section. We added "mail" near the mail slot.

This door will be used in the store space as a great decor item. A farmhouse door with a history to tell...
and here's a piece we did today. We picked up this chest yesterday for less than a Starbucks Latte. I'm sooty...I forgot to take a "before" shot. It's a small chest that can be used as a dresser, a nightstand, an end table or even a small entry way piece.

We distressed it, we added some walnut stain, and then added some burlap strips to the front with some red numbers.

The accent pieces were rescued from a yard sale along with several other odds and ends. They got a fresh coat of black paint. The little boxes got the burlap fronts and some metal numbers.

This little table got a good sanding with my new Rigid variable speed orbital sander.
I stained the top with walnut stain.
and distressed it. It also got a burlap drawer front accent with a few stripes.

Don't yo u love the accent pieces? More yard sale finds that found themselves with a new look. Isn't the little wood caddy with the divided metal insert just too cute??

Diane only has two more days here. We are making the most of our teamwork and trying to stock up pieces in the garage.

This collection of items is the perfect example of treasures that cost next to nothing that become "SOMETHING" in just a day.

You've just gotta love that.

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  1. I LOVE that dresser! It's beautiful. What great "junk" you have!

  2. This chest looks really junkin' chic! Amazing what a little sanding and some strips of burlap will do to transforma very inexpensive piece of furniture. ~ Sue

  3. Wonderful pieces. I love what you have done here. The door is blowing me away!! I love that dresser too~

  4. O, I am wanting that 1 2 3 chest...that is so cute. Love the use of burlap on it...and
    don'tchaknow I want a DOOR..!!
    OMGosh, I get so many ideas from talented bloggers like you and work myself into a frenzie!! :))
    Let's see...just since this morning, I am now on the search for a great screen, a olden door WITH a mail slot, a little chest and a fabulous winter wreath...GOOD GRIEF ! and I am an old lady....whew

  5. I just became your newest follower...:))

  6. That is darling!! LOVE the color, and the burlap, love everything about it:)
    I'd love for you to come by and check out my fun giveaway!!

  7. I love all your creations...especially the door!

  8. I like the burlap. Way to add character to that cute little chest. Love it!

  9. yay! what fun projects! i love the numbers, too.


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