Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weekend Shopping Trip

Knowing that yard sales will be winding down here in the Northwest soon with the cold weather, we went shopping!

In true "picker" style I found these two narrow old doors today. We drove by a yard sale address a day early. Well...there was a guy milling around outside, so I decided to walk up and ask him if I could look around early. I told him I was looking for some dresser.

Well...he invited us in.

Found these two great narrow old doors..

How about this gorgeous full size headboard and foot bard?

I don't think photos due this gem justice. It has a "Mission Style"vibe, but with a real feminine flair with the carved wood detail in both the headboard and footboard.

I just feel in love with it. I'll fix it up and display it in the store, but, honestly, I think it would be gorgeous in my daughter's room when I re-do it for her "trween years".

I snagged four of these great chairs last night along with a wonderful table. I've got a great idea in mind for the upholstery and color of these once they receive a little "fix 'em up" in the garage".

Don't you just love the shape of them?

Couldn't resist these matching frames...sweet...

Here's the came with one leaf. It needs some TLC, but I think the lines and the feel of it are just spectacular....

No on to this little gem. Turns out this dresser had been in the owner's family since 1896. His grandparents had brought it over from Portland OR in a covered wagon. His grandmother's name is etched in the the back of the piece.

It has those yummy curved liens in the top and on the drawers.

I just adore this piece. I probably paid a little more for it than I ordinarily would, but the liens and the history just got to me.
Besides, this piece is over 110 years old....WOW!

Talk about withstanding the test of time.

Now, get a load of this beauty.

Probably from the 20' belonged to the owner's mother. It is in greet condition.

After a little clean-up, this piece is just calling out for a little Time Worn treatment. I will keep the beautiful veneer detail along the top and bottom.

The storage is just incredible with two big drawers and two side cabinets.

The original hardware is in good shape and will remain.

What an awesome find this was.

on a final note, I had to include this close-up of the bed I round. I have to say it was my favorite treasure today.

My garage is now literally FILLED with pieces that need to be finished.

We are planning for a new spray booth for my sanding and painting. We purchased some plastic sheeting, wood to mount it to, and two branch new paint canvases.

Tomorrow I will clear out my new spray booth area and prepare my workshop for the colder months. I am also about to purchase a nice new professional Graco paint sprayer to give my re-purposed pieces an even more professional finish.

How exciting is all of this????


  1. Hi Cori! Thanks for the comment for Arianna=) ...and Yes I just came home from Fashion Week! and if your daughter loves the experience, the last day here is tomorrow.=( It was an unbelievable experience for me to be able to talk w/ the Project Runway contestants!
    Oh, i love these frames you got here!

  2. What a successful day you had. I really want to go into business myself. You are a great inspiration.


  3. I am green with envy over that bed! I hope you will share your experiences with your new sprayer. Great finds!


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