Thursday, October 28, 2010

Little Red Chair

I worked on this cute little chair today.

Don't discount the single chairs that you run across that are well made and have potential. You can usually pick these up for just a few dollars at yard sales. There are always spaces that could use just one small chair like this one, especially in a great accent color.

I decided this one needed to be red.

I recovered the seat in a couple layers of burlap. I added a stencil to the burlap with a new stencil I purchased from Maison de Stencils.

If you haven't looked at their collections, it's worth a trip over there now.

I have a table with four chairs that I plan to work on next. I can't wait to try this look out on them.

One more thing....I have to share this with you. My Mom and Dad are here with me this week. I was able to bring them to the consignment space for the first time.

They are excited about my latest endeavor. My Mom helped me recover this chair and gave me lots of great tips for great results. My Mom has been sewing for years and shared some of her sewing techniques that I can apply to my simple reupholstering.

My Dad worked in the garage sanding some tables for me and repairing a little piece that needed a little TLC before painting.

Sharing this important part of my life with my parents has been so fun. I know they will really enjoy hearing about the happenings at the store after they return home to California.


  1. The stencil on the chair is the perfect touch!

  2. Hi Cori,
    Love it!! It just turned out perfect :) I bought the same graphic from them & haven't used it yet ~ I love it on the chair!

  3. A gorgeous chair! I like the stenciled seat very much :)


  4. Hi Cori!

    I just perused many of your posts and I have to say you have so much talent! Holy Moly... every post is filled with beautiful pieces! Loved everyone :)

    A joy stopping by to visit with you!

    Kindly, ldh

  5. Your chair is so cute. Thank you so much for the heads-up on the stencil--so much easier than painting.


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