Monday, January 4, 2010

Should I Feel Guilty?

The bus came at 7:14 this morning.

My kids got on it successfully, lunches in hand.

After having them home for two and half weeks, I am feeling VERY happy this morning.

I need to play catch up. I need to do paperwork. I have LOTS and LOTS of Christmas decorations to pack up and get into the attic.

They had a great vacation. They lounged around in the pajamas a LOT. They had their big brother and his girlfriend here for a week to play with them. They went ice skating...twice! They played in the snow. They had sleepovers. They had friends over. Not to mention all their great Christmas gifts (including a telescope and video camera). They enjoyed LOTS of yummy home cooked meals and goodies (courtesy of me).

Now it is my time. So much to do. I want to devote some time to increasing my excercise program now that I've dusted on my elliptical.

The answer is a resounding "NO"! I do not feel guilty. I am happy they are back to school, like most Moms probably are.

IN THE PHOTO: The three on the left are mind (including the furry one). The three on the right are our wonderful neighbors. This photos was taken yesterday as they raced around the house and played Star Wars and tracked in even more dirt and mud (do I sound like I'm complaining?).

Now, let me get back to my happy dance as I start to pack boxes : )

Hope you accomplish whatever it is you need to get done today.



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  1. Cori

    I'm with your Cori, I did not feel one bit guilty. I love them with all my heart but it was time. Deep down I think they were ready too. Hoping you had a wonderful day.



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