Sunday, January 24, 2010

Boy In A Box

Let me start off by saying this.....

The decision to have another child at 42 can be a brave one.

This boy in a box (Jackson), was a blessing of the sweetest kind.

I distinctly remember a thought that I had the day he was born....I said to myself "I hope this little boy has a sense of humor and keeps my laughing through the years ( I'm gonna need that!)

WELL...he has and HE DOES!

He is a quirky little guy, to be sure.

He decided to take ownership of this box. He "decorated it" and then plopped it in front of the television last week to watch American Idol.

He sat in the box (and sang his heart out) for the entire hour.

He couldn't have been happier.....

He laughed. We laughed.

It's moments like this when I realize how many of my dreams and wishes have come true.

He makes me laugh (at least once) every single boy in a box : )

Here's to having a great laugh somewhere in your day.....

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