Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dreaming of A Vanity Re-Do....

I ran across this photo and it has totally inspired me to turn this space in my closet into a vanity area.

There is great light coming in from the south in this little window and I've been sitting there the last few weeks to put my makeup on.

We will have to build a cornice box and hang it from the ceiling in order to achieve the look with the draperies. I'm not sure about color. My master bedroom is pretty much all whites and cremes with just a tough of whisper blue.

Here's a few photos of my space.

I am looking for suggestions and ideas for transforming this into something similar to the inspiration photo.

I will definitely be looking for a vintage mirror....a small chandelier....and a great chair.

AND, I LOVE the ruffle on top of the cornice board and on the drapery panels.

I look forward to hearing from all you creative women who inspire me with suggestions....

Oh, yeah, and it's been the most gorgeous sunny day here in Eastern Washington.

Talk to you soon!


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  1. Okay girl, I will definitely keep my eyes open for a mirror to fit that space. I think it's gonna look dreamy once you get finished!!! :-)



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